Marketing & Human Resources


Marketing activities are ways that businesses can expand their customer base, increase sales and market penetration, and communicate the idea of value to clients. Our marketing staff will assist your company with developing a marketing plan based on your individual needs and budget. Once a plan is created, marketing strategies will be utilized to help achieve whatever benchmarks had been outlined in the plan.

Specialized projects can include:

  • Comprehensive creative branding services, including graphic design, website development, and advertising design
  • Marketing planning and implementation schedules
  • Branding research and development
  • Market research
  • Content development
  • Presentation design

Human Resources

Human Resources is a vital function within any organization – no matter the number of employees. Our consultants can assist your business with developing job descriptions, employee handbooks, and the hiring process. We can also assist organizations who are ready to offer incentive plans and employee benefits to their staff. Our goal is to help you build relationships with both long-time employees and new hires, increasing your productivity.

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